Clean LDPE Bags

– Made from LDEP film
– Mainly made for Gamma sterilization
Clean LDPE Bag is the easy solution against contamination

Customized sizes and specifications supplied upon request

Clean LPDE Bags
Item No. Sizes
M901.02.0010-7 340mm x 510mm x 60um
M901.02.0010-1 400mm x 600mm x 60um
M901.02.0010-2 500mm x 800mm x 60um
M901.02.0010-3 500mm x 1000mm x 60um
M901.02.0010-4 500mm x 1200mm x 60um
M901.02.0010-5 600mm x 1000mm x 60um
M901.02.0010-6 600mm x 1200mm x 60um


Item No. Sizes
M901.02.0010-8 340mm x 510mm x 100um
M901.02.0010-9 400mm x 600mm x 100um
M901.02.0010-10 500mm x 800mm x 100um
M901.02.0010-11 500mm x 1000mm x 100um
M901.02.0010-12 500mm x 1200mm x 100um
M901.02.0010-13 500mm x 1000mm x 100um
M901.02.0010-14 600mm x 1200mm x 100um