PCD Test System

The Helix Test System by Interster is the ideal process challenge device to perform a “worst case” scenario when sterilizing instruments. This test is suitable for every sterilization process in a loaded autoclave. It can also be used to ensure maximum steam penetration where hollow instruments, or instruments with small lumina, are concerned.

Product Description

The Helix strips are in compliance with EN 867-5 and EN-ISO 11140-1 (Type 6). It is easy to interpret the strip due to the clear and even colour change. The ink used is non-toxic and it can therefore not cause any damage to instruments. Due to the slice strip at the back side, the strip can be stored easily in a log or on a registration card.

We have a Helix Test System specially for the dental market and equipped for the users on this market. The Process Challenge Device (PCD) is produced with a shorter lumen than the regular Helix Test System. This makes the device very usable in smaller autoclaves. Of course the PCD meets the current European Standards, just like our Helix Test System.

Catalogue No Description Unit/Box
3FSKS630810 PCD System (3.5 min helix) 1 pcs

TDS ISP PCD Test System
IFU PCD Test System
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