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Yogi Kripa group is one of the leading medical service provider company employing more than 50 people across India. Headquartered in the City of Mumbai, with operations in different states, our group’s global brands are sold all over the country.

The group started its first firm in July 1997 – a proprietorship concern by the name of Yogi KripaMedi Chem. Today, there is an addition of our private limited company called Yogi KripaMediChem Pvt. Ltd.


Distributorship Form

  • Yogi Kripa Medi Chem Pvt . Ltd., Unit no 4 & 5, Ujagar Chambers, Opp Deonar Depot, Deonar, Mumbai – 400088
  • 022-61365400
  • 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.
  • info@yogikripa.com