Heat Sealer Calibration

We offer Heat Sealer Calibration for our range of Hawo heat sealing devices. According to ISO 11607-2, the key parameters: temperature, speed, and force need to routine control and monitoring. Our in-house engineers can correctly settle all the relevant parameters (e.g. sealing temperature).

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Heat Sealer Calibration

With our Heat Sealer Calibration (CaliSeal) service, we offer a comprehensive calibration to set the relevant parameters accurately. These critical parameters are calibrated after manufacturing, and a calibration certificate is provided with reports of the permissible limits. Hawo sealing devices with ‘V’ are supplied calibrated.

If the calibrated components are correct, the re-process ability of the seal is proper. It has to be pointed out that calibration does not validate the sealing seam’s quality. For this purpose, a seal strength test needs to be carried out.