Steam Emulating Indicator Self Adhesive Type 6

The Steam Emulating Indicator Self-adhesive is the most critical chemical indicator, designed to evaluate the sterilization parameters on the location and to give instant read-out.

The Steam Emulating Indicator Self-adhesive gives an exact indication whether the steam sterilization process has been successful or not. Although the indicator is non-toxic and leadfree, the indicator is laminated to prevent contact of the ink with the contents of the tray. The indicator will turn from light blue to dark if the process has been correct, taken into consideration saturated steam, time and temperature. The performance of chemical indicators is based on a chemical reaction which results in a colour change. The reaction speed is controlled by the exact chemical composition and is
strongly influenced by temperature. The ink consists of six different components, resulting into a very accurate and gradual colour change during the sterilization process.

Product Description

By providing a reference colour, the Steam Emulating Indicator Self-adhesive allows for a clear read-out even when inevitable slight colour differences may occur from time to time.

Due to the adhesive part on the back of each strip, the indicator can easily be added to the patient file or the sterilization file. The Steam Emulating Indicator Self-adhesive complies with EN-ISO 11140-1 (Type 6).

Catalogue No Description Unit/Box
3FSKS645820 Steam Emulating Indicator Self Adhesive-3.5 MIN 250 strips
3FSKS645828 Steam Emulating Indicator Self Adhesive-7 MIN 250 strips

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