Tyvek Sterilization Pouch

Tyvek is a rather unique material in the stable packaging classification. It is known for its outstanding strength, durability and tear resistance. As well as industrial use for EO and Gamma sterilization, Tyvek is also used for h2o2 gas plasma sterilization at hospitals.

PMSSteripack Tyvek sterilization pouches are constructed from transparent multilayer PET/PE copolymer film and uncoated Tyvek web in compliance with EN 868-9.

Water based, non-toxic process indicator for hydrogen peroxide sterilization complying with ISO 11140-1 is applied n the Tyvek surface and helps to differentiate between processed and unprocessed packages.

Tyvek is a trademark of DuPont

  • Made of transparent PET/PE and Tyvek
  • Excellent microbial barrier properties
  • Easy peel and aseptic presentation
  • Wide sealing temperature window
  • Easy seal with old sealing machines
  • Clear and accurate color change from red to blue
  • Suitable for plasma and ozone sterilization

PMSSteripack branded standard sizes for Tyvek sterilization pouches are listed below.

Catalogue No Description Size
TP0520 Tyvek Sterilization Pouch 50mm x 200m
TP7520 Tyvek Sterilization Pouch 5mm x 200m
TP7520 Tyvek Sterilization Pouch 100mm x 280m
TP1028 Tyvek Sterilization Pouch 150mm x 300m
TP2040 Tyvek Sterilization Pouch 200mm x 400M
TP2545 Tyvek Sterilization Pouch 250mm x 400m