Sterilization Wraps

Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS)

  • Virtually lint-free
  • Widest but simplest offering based on technologies, basis weights, patterns and colors.
  • Interleaves solution.
  • Compliance with relevant standards.
  • Compatibility with main sterilization processes.

High performance substrates that help you stay ahead

These medical fabrics are made of single-use nonwovens and papers and are widely preferred to reusable conventional linen as they deliver higher levels of protection and reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI).


Single-use medical substrates are supplied in all desired finishing from roll goods to boxes. They are used as Sterilization Wraps, Protective Wraps, Tray Liners and Over wraps.


Single-use medical products are manufactured using the highest grade raw materials that are in compliance with ISO 11607 part 1 and EN 868 part 2-3 & 6

Catalogue No Description Size
SMS00120 SMS WRAPS 120 x 120 CMS
SMS0076 SMS WRAPS 76 x 76 CMS
SMS0091 SMS WRAPS 91 x 91 CMS