Validation & Calibration

Yogi Kripa Medi Chem is an authorized partner of Hawo offering our customers our supporting services – on-site. We believe it is crucial for our heat sealing devices to consistently fulfill their requirements every time, even after years of use.

Our trained staff provides expert maintenance and service, including timely calibration of all relevant parameters and the performance of comprehensive initial and validation. As part of our validation of the sealing process, the optimum sealing temperature of the sealing material is evaluated and established. Finally, customers obtain complete validation documentation.

IONM Services

We are a popular provider of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) services in the city. Our qualified, skilled people work alongside the surgeons to aid in identifying any initial signs of neurological injury. Our team provides additional support with real-time monitoring through telecommunication, enabling timely interventions to avoid long-term neural problems.

At Yogi Kripa Medi Chem, we put the health of the patient first. You can rely on our expertise in IONM to decrease the risk and help ensure patient safety. Our service includes full and proper monitoring of the procedure by our specialists, complete system and equipment operation throughout the process, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on the procedure in hand. Serving in collaboration with surgeons, they formulate the right monitoring procedures for the individual’s requirement.