Drying Towel

The Interster drying towel is a concept of Interster International to improve the level of hygiene at the CSSD. The Interster drying towel is a disposable non-woven towel which can be used to eliminate excess moist from medical devices and serves as replacement to the reusable towels.

The Interster drying towel is for single use.

Material The Interster drying towel is white and is made of a non-woven Spunlace material. The material has a tricot structure and consists of 100% micro particles, thanks to which it has a low particle release.

Advantage :

  • A result of the Interster drying towel being made of non-woven Spunlace material the power to absorb water is very high. The Interster drying towel has an absorption capacity of 850% its own weight. Furthermore the Interster drying towel is made of 60 gr./m2 material consisting of four layers in total, which benefits the high tensile strength and therefore it does not tear during regular usage.
  • In addition to the benefits mentioned above the material also has an important advantage: theInterster drying towel absorbs 99,998% of the micro organisms present on the surface which is cleaned. The micro particles of which the Interster drying towel consists are ‘split’ under high pressure during the production process. The ‘splitting’ process results in very fine micro particles which improves the efficiency of absorbing moist and micro organisms.
  • Normal micro particles have a linear density of 0,7 to 1,0 decitex*. The Interster drying towel has a linear density of only 0,13 decitex and is 80% finer than normal micro particles, which contributes to absorbing micro organisms in a much more efficient way.
  • Additionally, the Interster drying towel has the benefit of transfering absorbed micro organisms. This results in 0% compared to standard tea- and hand towels of which the transfer of accumulated micro organisms is 32%. Interster drying towel is the solution to improving the level of hygiene at the CSSD.
Catalogue No Description Unit
3FSZB790850 DRYING TOWEL 1 pcs
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