Hawo hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak | Rotary Sealers | Band Sealers

Hawo hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak is suitable for packaging sealable paper bags (EN ISO 11607-1/EN 868-4) as well as sealable pouches and reels (EN ISO 11607-1/EN 868-5).

The 650 series is not only easy to operate via its intuitive temperature control, but also easy to clean through its new color coated surface. Hawo hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak is almost maintenance free.

Exact temperature control and constant contact pressure and sealing speed guarantee reproducible sealing results. The device switches off automatically if the sealing temperature is out of tolerance (± 5°C according to DIN 58953-7).

With the new 650 series, high sealing output can be achieved thanks to the band sealing process of 10 m/min (393 inch/min). The DE and DC models also have an automatic start and standby function.

In addition to the new design, the new concept of the legendary hd 650 series places great emphasis on sustainability. With a power consumption of only 160 watts the sealers are a contemporary companion in the daily packaging routine.

The model Hawo hd 650 DC is equipped with an integrated printer, so that data such as e. g. name or ID of wrapper, expiry/sterilization date, LOT number, etc., can directly be printed on the porous part of the material (outside the heat seal line).

Hawo hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak generation is our new premium economy class for the professional packaging of medical instruments in sealable pouches and reels. The microprocessor-controlled band sealers offer ideal sealing performance with high capacity at the same time and meet all safety standards.

The pouches and reels to be sealed are fed into the device via the infeed plate on the left, and then the pouches are sealed continously.

The EcoPak generation comes in three Versions hd 650 D, hd 650 DE and hd 650 DC with various features that meet every demand. For more information see the features below.

Catalogue No Description Unit
0.617.293 hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak 1 pcs
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