Hawo hm 4000 DC-VI | Rotary Sealers | Band Sealers

> Hawo hm 4000 DC-VI fulfills the requirements of the guideline of the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the new guideline of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilisation Sciences (WFHSS)
> Validatable sealing process according to EN ISO 11607-2 and the international guidance ISO/TS 16775
Stainless steel housing
> 7 inch touch screen display (operable with gloves)
> Display individually adjustable
> Freely programmable packaging lists
> Suitable for the use in clean rooms
> Fits for all packaging material in accordance with EN 868-5 (incl. uncoated Tyvek material and nonwoven PP, e. g. Stericlin’s White Line material)
> Integrated printer
> UDI-ready
> Capability of connecting printer, scanner, matrix reader, etc.
> Network compatible
> HDMI-interface for TV connection

The new Hawo hm 4000 DC-VI rotary sealing machine surpasses all its predecessors, offering smart operation, comprehensive digitisation, networkability and sustainability, reflecting the spirit of lifescience 4.0.

The Hawo hm 4000 DC-VI has been developed for the special requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry (LifeScience) and for use in clean rooms. It guarantees GMP-compliant packaging quality.

Catalogue No Description Unit
0.617.293 hm 4000 DC-VI 1 pcs
Product Brochure-HM 4000 DC-VI