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The Hawo hm 880 DC-V can print all normatively requested information directly onto the packaging during the sealing process (symbols according to EN 980). Thanks to the patented FontMaticTM technology the hm 880 DC-V automatically recognises the width of the sealing material and adjusts the font size to the available space.

Printing over the edges is a thing of the past.
> Identification of manufacturer or personel number
> Product information
> Packaging time and date, expiry date
> Batch data, lot number or serial number
> Piece counter
> Designation “sterile” and sterilization type (e.g. steam, plasma)
> Amount
> Arbitrary texts

Hawo 880 DCV Band Sealers - Yogi Kripa Pvt Ltd India

The Hawo HM 880 DC-V GENERATION PRO rotary sealing devices with integrated printer are the answer to professional requirements in hospitals and the medical industry.

The process is validatable in accordance with ISO 11607-2. Robust and built for maximum comfort as usual, the design emphasizes the intrinsic valuesof these devices:

Maximum performance and speed, automatic recording and documentation of all relevant data, seamless integration into existing infrastructures and very easy to use handling thanks to the successful hawo IntelligentScanTM technology (HM 880 DC-V) makes the equipment a reliable partner for sterile goods packaging.

Catalogue No Description Unit
hm 880 DC-V 1 pcs
Product Brochure - Hawo HM 880 DC-V Band Sealer